Mazda, Much better! Some t



Much better! Some tweaks you need to take care of are;

  1. Spell check your titles. ‘Posative’ is spelled with an ‘i’ not an ‘a’
  2. You added close ups for when you point at specific items which is good, but you should do it for each instance.
  3. Since you’re using a ‘floating link’ at the top of your image, you have to make sure you hold the described item closer to the bottom of the screen to avoid cutting off your subject at the top and presenting the viewer with wasted foreground space.
  4. Sound wise, the audio was much better for an in camera mic. Until you get an external mic, use felt or some other smooth but soft cloth to cover your display surface and hang blankets around the space your working in to absorb sound. Doing those things will help cut down on the ‘hiss’ and ‘echo’.
  5. From the look of it, you’re shooting interlaced video hence the funky artifacts around your hands when you move them. If you can’t shoot progressive scan natively, use your nle software’s ‘deinterlacing’ filter to help cut down on those artifacts.

Other than those tweaks you are well on your way. Already it looks and sounds so much more professional than your typical YTV. Good job.

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