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It would help considerably if you had a monitor, tv or small LCD screen to see where you are especially on a single-person shoot. In the meantime, you use a ‘mark’ just out of frame. Easiest is a couple pieces of old school masking tape one behind your subject so you know not to go past it and one just off screen so you won’t go too far forward. Without a monitor, you’ll have to tweak your measurements until you keep it in frame.

I didn’t have a problem with the audio flourishes attached to your titles. Just stay consistent and don’t get carried away with them.

No, thank the ‘Production Gods’ for people who do submit ‘useful’ material to YouTube instead of the Tsunami of garbage one can expect to see.

Keep it up. Mastering the basics is the hard part. Once you’ve got a handle on them, it will become obvious to you what will need to be improved upon.

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