Mazda, Glad you’re enjoyin



Glad you’re enjoying the thread. I recently shot some racing events one set using 60p the other 24p at high shutter speeds to make for more interesting slo-mo’s. I dig the look of both though as you implied, the 24p has a less smooth look at normal speed. However, the stuttered motion does lend a certain ‘excitement’ to the look of the movements.

Concerning whether your ‘gearheads’ computers can handle the footage, yeah it helps to format it so it will work for the lowest level units. However, YouTube does allow for higher-res viewing so you can put out a better looking piece and those who can view it at hi-res can choose to do so.

Deciding to use 24p with video is purely an artistic choice. Using it just so your video will look like film isn’t a good idea if you aren’t sure about what you want to accomplish with it.

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