Maybe this is too complica


Maybe this is too complicated, but could create a video clip that is three times the width of the actual video, then set up three tracks of the same video, delaying them acording to where the plasmas are. Figure out how many frames it takes for an image to leave one monitor, and delay the other two pictures acording to that.

Then, set up all three monitors on one computer so that the video stretches through all three. I’m not sure if this makes sense, it’s a tad complicated, but would be synched because it’s only 1 video being played.

Another idea, is if you can start multiple players (Someone said Media Player Classic can do that I think?), what if you wrote a batch file that started one player, waited a set amount of time, started the second and did the same for the third. You’d be running three players, so it would be possible to get out of synch, but at least it would be easy to start all three.

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