“Maybe I’m just misunderst


“Maybe I’m just misunderstanding you because I’ve never heard of DV uncompressed.”

“I’ll add to XTR’s explanation of DV with by using the Uncompressed
setting you are not adding more compression to the already compressed

Seriously not wanting to get into a detailed tech lesson, the shot version is to do true ‘Uncompressed’ video, you need a Capture Card capable of capturing SD or HD footage without compression formats that were uncompressed at the time I mentioned (BetaCam SP, DVCPro, DigiBeta and HDCam.) You would capture the footage at low res (compressed) to use for your edit and then ‘res up’ to uncompressed to output to tape or digital master.

On the Avid systems I worked on that only had DV capture available when you selected your capture settings you could adjust the codec by selecting ‘uncompressed’ DV NTSC or lower compression settings. Flash forward to now and depending on your nle, when capturing using qt or avi codecs you can select ‘uncompressed’ which all it will do is capture the footage without any extra compression. Using the uncompressed setting when exporting gives your digital master a bit of a bump in image quality. However, that is not the same as using a pro codec like ProRes and the like. I was trying to keep it simple for head who is obviously a novice.

Also, you are incorrect about Vegas and RED. Vegas 9 supports r3d files in both 2 and 4k natively for editing on the Vegas timeline.

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