Maybe I didn’t explain mys


Maybe I didn’t explain myself.

I made sequence 1, 2 and 3. Each will be its own DVD. There are 2 ways to export these sequences and import them into encore:

1. To export each sequence on its own and import each to encore on its own and use each one in encore for a timeline to make a DVD.

2. To make a final sequence that will have sequence 1, 2 and 3 nested in it (with a few seconds of space between them). Then you export this final big sequnce to one file and import it to encore. Since I need 3 DVDs… I make one timeline… trim the file… make the DVD…. then trim again and make another DVD and again for the third.

Why would I do it this way? Because this way, I can export just ONE sequence from PP, so I can leave it over night and have my file ready in the morning for all 3 DVDs to be made.

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