Maya is made by Autodesk,


Maya is made by Autodesk, who also make 3DStudio Max and Softimage as well as AutoCad. Cinema 4D is made by Maxon. Any type of 3D is difficult to work with in After Effects, because AE doesn’t actually support imported 3D objects natively. What usually happens is that you can model and animate something in a 3D program and then import an image sequence into After Effects. With just about every work flow, there is also some fashion to import lights and cameras into your AE compositions. This allows you to create/integrate graphics in AE and have the camera movements match what you created in your 3D application.

At the moment AE and C4D have a strategic partnership and these is some good interoperability between the two. But to be honest there are workflows for just about every major 3D application and that includes blender that allow you to get your 3D into AE. I really like VideoCopilots Element since it offers the ability to actually import and control real 3D objects in After Effects. At the moment it is my personal favorite was of working with 3D in AE. It supports the major 3D interchange files formats for importing so you could actually use just about any 3D modeling program to create your content.

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