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The suggestion regarding BNI is excellent. If that group has a chapter in your area, join up. You’ll meet lots of business people and have an opportunity to network with them. Ditto for the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc. Networking lets people know what services you provide.

Go talk to people who might have a need for video — people who do training: hospital continuing education departments and building contractors who do large scale industrial installations for example. Both have an ongoing need to train their employees and clients.

Do you have a company in town that does film transfer? You can create a symbiotic relationship here in which you bring film in
to be processed and the processor in turn sends people your way for
follow up, creating photo montages that incorporate the film with family pictures and video.

Also, and perhaps even more importantly, look to your web site. I looked at the source code for the various pages and found you had NO key words listed. Consequently, when someone looks for “video editing” or “video shooting” on line, for example, Google won’t find your site. If you’re not sure how this should look, go to a videographer’s web site, click on “VIEW” on the tool bar and select “Page Source.” You’ll see a number of meta tags at the top of the page, one of which will be “Key words,” followed by a string of words someone might use when looking for video services. Providing key words will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your site.

Most of our new clients find us on-line, either directly at our web site or in the on-line “Yellow Pages” and it’s the key words that drive the site.

Good luck.

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