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The link I gave you was to give you an idea of what the average basic hourly rate for work done in your industry. It was only meant as a starting point for you to calculate how much you’ll need to charge. If I remember correct, the rough sum was $29 an hour. However, as I said the chart from your state is not precise. Other states have more detailed info concerning photography and video production specifically.

There probably is such info for Massachusetts, but you’ll have to dig for that info yourself. As Earl and the rest of us told you, you’re going to have to figure out what your costs of doing business are on a monthly basis and then make your pricing to fit your needs vs what your potential customers are willing to pay. Since I don’t live in as large and competitive a market as you, my numbers won’t fit your model. Even the numbers that Earl gave you may not fit either because his market is different than yours. Also you have to remember Earl, myself and others who’ve commented have been at this a while and have client’s and reputations built up which you do not have.

So based on the Massachusetts chart, $29 ph is the average amount people in your state get paid for work in the ‘arts’ in your state. That’s your starting point. As Earl ‘sort of’ alluded to, you can’t be ‘super cheap’ and profitable. That only works when you are working in vast volume which you won’t be doing. Until you build your rep, you’ll be working on one project at a time and that job will have to sustain you until you bring in other assignments.

So your question was; How much should I charge? The answer is; No one can tell you exactly. You’ll have to do some research specific to your location, overhead and tools available concerning your cost of doing business to figure that out. As time goes on, that number will shift according to how well your rep grows and the type of clients you’re pulling down. Believe me, I asked the very same question years ago when I started and had to take all available info and figure it out myself. Picking a number arbitrarily is not smart and will cause you problems down the road.

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