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As I and others mentioned, part of your problem is you don’t have a reputation yet. Okay, you’ve got a site but what’s on it? How many projects have you worked on outside of those you did in school? You’re going to have to get out there and shoot while you’re not doing paying gigs yet. The footage you get will build up your material you can present on your site so potential clients can see what you are capable of. And initially, you’ll need to do a couple of freebies or quid pro quo projects.

Your website and marketing are fine to get the interest of clients trawling for someone to shoot something. Problem is; most of those folks are just window shopping. Where a good deal of your customers will come is from referrals. How many times have you asked a friend, ‘hey you know someone who can…. for me?”

Production companies and freelancers get over the same way by people who used the service and told their friends. In the meantime, beef up your knowledge and skills so you can get picked up for crew gigs. Working with others is a great way to build up a strong referral base.

Finally, when it comes to doing freebies ‘pick your battles’. Don’t just give a client a freebie out of the blue. Pick something on a scale you can complete without putting a strain on your limited equipment and resource. Something like shooting a small charity event and so on. You’re trying to make contacts and get yourself out there. If you just can’t pull off a freebie, try doing the project for cost meaning you ‘break-even’. You don’t make any money, but you don’t lose any either. Do it as an ‘introductory offer’ and do your best at it. You’ll be surprised at how often that works. Of course you let the client know you’ll charge full (or discounted for regulars) price for the next one.

Also, don’t be so quick to mention price. Most callers who ask about money are just on ‘fishing expeditions’. They’ll waste your time because once they know ‘how much’, they’ll move on. Save the ‘how much’ for the submitted proposal.

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