Matthew, here are some obs


Matthew, here are some observations regarding your web site. People come to a web site because they’re looking for something, because they have a specific need. They want to transfer film to DVD, or convert VHS to a digital format, or find someone who can shoot a wedding, etc.

When they arrive at your home page they want to see if your company can do what they’re looking for. They want to see where you’re located — perhaps to see if you’re nearby or too far away for them to travel — they want to know your phone number so they can talk about what services they need and they want your email address.

The odds are they really don’t care about Twitter, or Facebook or your blog; they just want their problem taken care of. And while video clips of your work are interesting, they’re a very small part of your marketing.

It’s important that your services are listed right up front; that your address, phone number and email address are too. Pull down menus are great, but they create a needless layer of technology between the potential client and what he/she needs to know at a glance: can this company do what I need to have done?

We ask every client who comes to us or calls us on the phone “How did you find us?” Almost without exception they say “on your web site. We needed someone to do (fill in the blanks) and found you.” I’m always amazed at how many clients are doing research for someone else. A secretary, for example, whose boss has said “I need these 23 8mm and miniDV tapes digitized to my hard drive.” Back in the day, the secretary would have picked up the Yellow Pages and looked for “tape transfer” or “digitizing tape.” Today she heads for the computer and Google. If she doesn’t see the solution to her problem at first glance, she’s off to another page.

Bottom line: if I were you I’d rethink the web site. Who you are — a picture of you is a great idea, by the way — what you do, where you’re located and how to contact you directly, right at the top of the home page.

You might take a look at; it isn’t perfect, doesn’t use Flash and doesn’t have spiffy bells and whistles. But it has a great deal of content which, by the way, is important for search engine ranking; it usually ranks on the first search page, and it brings in an awful lot of money to our business.


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