Mary Ann: For a first atte


Mary Ann: For a first attempt, Charles, I thought it was very good. I liked the cutaways, helped make the video that much more interesting. I kind of agree that some instrumental background music could help support the emotion of their narrative. The length, FOR THEM, is fine. Especially knowing your feelings about providing this special production for her with Joshua going to Afghanistan. All-in-all, good job Charles.

Earl: Charles, we watched BEFORE reading the input from Shaun, didn’t want it to flavor (if it could) our perspective. I agree wholeheartedly with what Mary Ann said.

I also noted that you had many areas where backlight, or bright background caused problems with detail of faces, etc. I know this can be a bother. And I wondered about the color, so heavily leaning toward cyan. I’m partial to cool colors and not THAT fond of hot and heavy on the reds, or too warm, but believe a bit of warming up could help the flesh tones as much as anything.

I know the many challenges that come with putting together a love story and I also know that with the quality of audio and narrative such as your production has, it is nearly impossible to not please the couple. THEY are the ones who count, for the rest of us it’s the technical stuff πŸ˜‰

Finally, I personally would have liked seeing MORE cutaways to other creative shots, but I also can relate to running out of them. I nearly never have enough to carry me through more than a song-length production.

So, my 2-cents? Warmer color, use backgrounds that aren’t so bright (find bushes, barns, trees, etc. that will not create such open bright background to contend with), and some kind of mood music to complement the narrative.

Well done. Good job and NO WAY with what you captured were Joshua and Melissa going to be disappointed. They would have had to love it.

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