marley my man! Now you’re


marley my man!

Now you’re talkin my kind of stuff. πŸ˜€

I do a major high school football project every year for the village I live in. What I do is I film the actual game (plays only) for the coaches and then after words I download that to their VCR’s. I then take my tape home for my stuff. What I do is I pluck out the highlights and start assembling a game by game highlight reel with wild graphics and all of the trimmings for the entire season. Kind of like you see on ESPN when they do the recaps. The players and parents eat this up. I also make a killing selling these as well. At the end of the season I also compile all of the plays of all of the games to DVDs so that there is a permanent record of the season, which is what I think youre planning on doing. My kid who is now in collage still watches them all the time. You should hear the smack talkin when all of his playing buddies come over and start watching them.

I used GL2’s for this. The reason I picked this camera is because they have a 20X optical. You can get right in the huddles with that. Now to be honest with you, you really don’t need that much zoom power when filming the actual plays. 12X will work out OK as long as you’re not too far away from the field.

As far as light goes, that really depends on the field lighting. Each field is different. All but one of the fields I filmed last year had plenty of light so I didnt have any problems at all. On that one field I had to do some special exposure adjustments to offset the problem. My camera has a LUX rating of 6, which isnt the best out there so as a reference… if the camera you finally decide to get has the same or lower LUX rating, youll be fine.

The one BIG piece of advise I have to give you is to get yourself a nice tripod. If youre going to film freehand youll be very sorry. It will be just too hard to watch trust me. πŸ˜‰

Good luck!


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