Mark, I just got off the



I just got off the phone with him. He said that when he was trying to render and encode to a DVD at the same time, it would take a very long time and thats if it didnt crash first. Sometimes he said he thought that his PC actually froze. Then he tried several workarounds. He eventually discovered that it seemed to have something to do with the DVD menus when trying to make his final DVD.

Heres what he says he did. He said he creates a complete AVI movie to his HD first. Then he imports that into a new project and then just cuts that up and applies his chapters points for creating his DVD. Then he said that worked. He did say that he added another GB of memory too so now he has 2 GB. He also mentioned that hes done with that program because he was too frustrated. He is now using Adobe Premier.

As far as your wedding piece: The content and angles were very nice. I saw two things that you might want to watch out for. Using that fade out to black and back in was a little too much. It almost started to seem like I was blinking too long. Using that technique a few times here and there is fine. For a minute there I thought that this was how you did the whole movie.

The best way (IMO) is to use slow soft fades from clip to clip. Its easier on the eyes and looks very elegant. Or else just cut to the next clip with no transition. The other thing to watch is how long your little individule clips are. (IMO) they were too short. You barely had enough time to digest what was being shown before it changed to the next scene. It was like a race against time. Make these a little longer.

Other than that not bad for your first time. As I always mention, the only way to get good at this is through experience and learning from mistakes.


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