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Marketing firms can reap huge benefits by having a basic video production kit….and yes, you can get very good quality. MArketing firms are doing a lot of online work these days, so would it be safe to assume the internet is your destination for most of your video? We have a small video production kit in house at Widen for shooting customer interviews for example.

You need:

camcorder:Lots of options here, lots of opinions. HD or SD, tape or tapeless,….At the time I made my purchase, I chose a Canon XHA1. It shoots HD on mini DV sized tapes. The tapes are not expensive at all, and they also serve as a cheap archive. If you go tapeless, you will need to figure out how to archive footage. The Sony HVR-V1U is the cheapest 3 CCD HDV camcorder available…and is $2800

tripod: tons of options for under $200

Computer for editing: Any newer computer will do fine for basic editing. If you have one great. If not, a $1500 iMac or PC equivalent will be just fine.

Editing software: If you are PC based, either Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, or Avid will do
fine. Vegas is $540. If you are Mac, Final Cut Pro or Express will work
fine. Express is $200.

Microphone: Wireless Lavalier Azden 105LT $280

Small light kit: Lowel Light kit under $500

Headphones: $75

If you add all that up….$5,895. You can shoot and edit basic video. Interviews, quick demos…Oh, you should probably buy a nice case for the camcorder too. $200 (Pelican)

There are many options for each of these categories….I have simply given you some simple options.

Good luck!

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