Market – Turn of the Year


Market – Turn of the Year – & The very low cost of proconsumer video cameras and Windows Moviemaker. OH and Aunt Joan with one of those proconsumer cameras telling the bride she can do just as good as a job, for free.

That about explains it all.

Due to copyright issues I have quit producing weddings, too much of a risk in today’s world with the RIAA dogs.

I have and am switching gears to nature, adverts, demos, tutorial, and life stories. I would also venture that since every book store in America now prints the cookie cutter how to wedding video that many are “happy” with the free family versions now. However regardless of how inexpensive cameras get, storytelling is still an art that can’t be bought or done free.

Not even Aunt Joan would buy a book by someone who did not know how to develop a story, and with that I am shifting my focus on using video to tell stories, like penning a novel. This is one area that REQUIRES creativity and something that is impossible to copy, you can’t get into my head, adn who would want to?

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