Mark Von Lanken, of Video


Mark Von Lanken, of Video University fame, and Oklahoma, and WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographers Association), of course recently did an extensive review of the HMC150. Even before he did, I was sold. If Panasonic takes the bait and adds a second card slot to make it’s SDHC AVCHD camera match up to what JVC just released, I can think of no other camera in the price range I’d rather own and use.

It’ll cost you $25 to sign up at Hal Landen’s Video University forum, free except unless you want to post replies or see the private forum where Von Lanken’s extensive write up and many, many responses are posted. Personally, for the amount of information and insight there, I think $25 would be a worthwhile investment. I forget the name of the magazine, Event DV magazine, I think, but Von Lanken’s post on VU is based on an extensive article he wrote for the rag as well. Check it out. Might help.

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