Mark queries: ” What do i


Mark queries:

” What do i need to do in order to get rid of that style of audio where I sound like im in a bathroom?? I want to sound more ‘full’ i guess you can say…lol.

I dont mind learning how to do it in Vegas Pro either, cause I know it says its great for that, so whats your thoughts on fixing this type of noise? “

There may be some very sophisticated digital signal processors which could help you out . . . but they would cost more than a mic more suitable to your app. Moving blankets ( furniture pads )are the best temp fix for recording. Put em on the floor and hang em on every vertical surface. There’s no economical fix for the hollow sound in recordings you’ve already made, except perhaps a tightly adjustedaudio expansion/gate if your NLE has that feature. Your voice will still sound a bit hollow, but any reverb hang should be attentuated.

Rick Crampton

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