Maria maybe this will help


Maria maybe this will help. Total the cost of your equipment,(including computer, software, camera). Also add whatever other equipment you use and get a total. Then divide your total equipment cost by 12months or 12. Here is an example:

Equipment Cost $5000 divided by 12 = $416. So it cost you $416 dollars each month to use your equipment. So in order for you to make a profit your base needs to be no less than $416.

Now after this you need to calculate the hours it take to complete your project and add that to your base! Such as $15-$20 dollars an hour. And add it to your base. You can deduct some cost at your discrection. But make sure you are able to make some type of profit. “DON’T SHORT YOURSELF ON YOUR HARD WORK”. It’s not worth it!!

I hope this helps you out and I wish you much success!

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