marekjanik, dobra praca na


marekjanik, dobra praca na wideo! You have made a great souvenir video which I am sure you will enjoy viewing many times. There are many beautiful shots and locations. Each videomaker develops their own style so there is no right or wrong way to shoot and edit. I am very glad to see you take advantage of a cell phone camera. It shoots high quality images. I would suggest you invest in some portable stabilizers. That will make your shots smoother and more pleasant to watch. Also, I always keep my audience in mind. If you are shooting and editing for yourself or your companion, all you need is to be reminded of your images. If I am creating for a wider audience, I try to tell a story and answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where and why. You may need to invest in a good quality microphone or recorder to add this dimension to your video. Good Luck and happy travels.

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