marathonds Wrote:I have a


marathonds Wrote:

I have a Canon XH A1 and need help with White Balance. There are three settings 1) AWB 2)Prset to indoor and outdoor with FINE Tuning. 3) custom preset to switch A or B and then Manuel. Is there a difference betwee A and B? Then there is Color Temp. When would I use this. Where is the K dial.
Thank you
Don Tayloe

(1) Automatic white balance – for when you’re rushed and don’t have time to manually set the White Balance.
(2) Custom Preset -Use a WB card and set A to indoors light and manually balance to this setting.
Balance to B preset for outdoor light. Then when filming indoors, switch to A, outdoors switch to B. Knowing these are already locked to a setting.
Colour temp may be your K dial and should give a warmer feel to your shots – experiment.

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