Many things could use impr


Many things could use improvement – The big ones for me (in the order in which they appear) are:

Titles – The black titles were difficult for me to read – Try better colors (like white) or even better – lower thirds.

Still images (@ 0:19, 0:55 ) – Difficult to see since they were only on the screen for a second – take them out or make them longer – use the Ken Burns effect.

On the audio during the interview (@ 0:38) someone off camera starts singing – very distracting for me to follow the interview at that point.

When JoAnne was speaking on stage (0:58 – 1:05) you moved the camera back and forth – a big no-no. Frame the shot (remember the rule of thirds) and let it be – don’t move it

Your audio when interviewing JoAnne (1:06) sounded muffled.

Someone walked through the scene @3:00 – 3:14 – Very distracting – Either pick a better location, use some b-roll or re-do the interview.

At 3:48 – 3:54 you had shaky footage or moved the camera again or zoomed quickly – A very distracting few seconds – Not necessary for the video and I would remove it altogether.

At 3:55 you pan the camera down to frame you for the first few seconds of your closing – Again, frame the shot and leave it be.

Also, the exposure and colors for your closing are way off.

The background image for your closing credits is way too dark. The credits themselves were needless – When it’s all about Luke just put one major “Produced by” and don’t leave off your last name unless you are well known by your first name alone (Madonna, Prince, etc…).

Overall it was a difficult video to get through – I think it would benefit you to take some training courses on basic cinematography, video production, etc… ( has some good ones) and try to improve your overall approach to video production as a whole. I can understand when things pop up unexpectedly and you can only try to fix them in post (like audio problems or glitches in the tape, etc…) but these should be exceptions, not the rule.

Just MHO.

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