Many DP’s I work with offe


Many DP’s I work with offer fixed rates by assessing jobs as either half-days or full-days. Half days are a fixed rate of 6 working hours, and full days are a fixed rate of 10 working hours. This means if you’re actually only working 3 hours, you still charge for 6 hours based on the block of time you’ve been booked for. Anything over your 10 hour full day would be considered overtime, but that needs to be agreed to before hand.

For shorter projects, I’ve also gone into contracts that explain my hourly rate. I give a fixed rate based on the estimated time they’ll need me. While discussing the contract, I explain to the client that if they would like me to stay longer, I can do so but I must charge my hourly rate. Clients seem to be fine with this. I just make sure that during the shoot, if it’s approaching time for additional fees, they give me consent to continue shooting.

At this point, I typically charge $50/hour.

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