Man that is a tough question


Man that is a tough question !  There are actually 3 different C-Logs…. Watch the video on youtube by Carlos Quintero titled "How to Expose Canon Log on Canon Cinema Cameras" and he also has a video showing C-Log on a C200 and then also color corrected.  Mainly you get extra dynamic range is all… you can either slap a rec 709 on the clog  or you have to color grade it yourself or apply a custom lut, so depends on what "type" of video work you are doing…. Since you already have the 1 dx II may i suggest you look at the Canon XC15 ????  It does 4k AND C-Log, MA-400 mic adapter, waveform and peaking, slow and fast motion, works great in semi-auto mode, several modes of great image stabilization, the list goes on… only thing missing on the XC15 is great low light capability.

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