MAN, I want to let everyon


MAN, I want to let everyone know what happened here. Maybe it will save others the headaches I have gone through. I ended up hauling my mac to a high speed connection at another location. Sixteen apple downloads/updates later and the trash/crash problem went away (it was a software problem and apple had fixes for it). But I then lost all ability to do voiceovers and because of the upgrades i installed, I could not reinstall the orginal operating system (like I guess why would I want to!). So, stuck between a rock and hard place, I bought the tiger upgrade and the iLife ’06 package. Everything went OK transfering project files but iMovie 06 has issues also! In my case the audio gets all garbled and out of sync with the visible audio timeline. Saving the project will sometimes bring it back close but never perfectly. And the problem returns. So it’s currently unuseable and worthless until more fixes and upgrades are available. I for one am very disappointed with apple for releasing such untested, unreliable products to it’s customers. I bought my upgrades last week and I see they have two upgrades for tiger already and one for Imovie 06. And direct from the apple website I see postings for other audio issues with 06. Not good business.

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