Man, I have had Pinnacle s


Man, I have had Pinnacle since version 7…now 15 Vegas Movie Studio since version 6… now 11 Avid Studio since version 1 (still is)and Vegas Pro since version 8, now at 11.

I tend to still use them all for different things. Pinnacle for simple slideshows mostly, Avid Studio for the plugins (mostly Looks) and Vegas Pro for most all of my main editing it is so fast and for me easy to use( can be intimidating for the new user just ask my wife)

I finally got her to start using Pro 10 a few months ago on a pretty big conversion project and she is now getting the hang of it, and sees why it is superior pinnacle when it comes to cutting.

I really Love Vegas Pro and I like the others Avid Studio seems to have the most potential of the bunch but it is in need of some updates ( i hope soon) but Vegas Pro is my goto NLE for most of my work. We do mostly media transfer work both Audio and Video and I use Vegas Pro for both.

So I guess to answer the question you really need more than one NLE in the stable to get the best workflow. What is nice about Vegas is you can get Movie Studio and if / when you outgrow it than Vegas Pro is an easy switch because the GUI is almost the same.

Paul B

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