Man I feel for you. Many y


Man I feel for you.
Many years a go a friend of mine had taken photographs of a wedding (video was only new then and editing was never heard of) .
He sent his film to a lab for developing and was to pick them up on the Saturday morning (no all day Saturday trading back then), but couldn’t make it so left it for Monday pick up (No Sunday trading back then either.) Over the weekend the lab burnt down and he lost all the negatives.

Now comes the astounding part – keep in mind this was his second job.
After speaking to his clients about the problem, he gave them a solution. They would do a retake of the wedding all over again. Close family and friends were flown from over OZ and put up in motels for the weekend Wedding gowns etc were re-hired, The Church re booked – even a mock reception and cake. The whole kit and kaboodle was paid for by my friend – including the photographs, which were absolutly astounding!!!!!!!!!!!!

He believed he had a moral obligation to these people for the most important day in ther lives and did this for complete strangers.
Well they say what goes around comes around – or visa versa.
After he did this, lost money on the whole thing (actually got a loan to pay ofr it) , his services were in such high demand by people who were told of what he had done, he had to turn work away. He swore black and blue that he would never enter the relm of digital photopraphy where any “hack” using “photoshop” could adulterate a photo.
His work was pure art and no two photoraphs of the same subject were the same. Each and every photo was personally dodged and burned by hand give a piece of himself to his work.
He became a “Master” of photography – a very rare a precious qualification in the photographic relm.
Saddly he was taken away from us but his Magic still adorns the lounge room wall

His favourite catch phrase was ” Let’s do it in the dark and see what develops”

I think today he’d giggle at my sons catch phrase. When the (computer) chips are down – no work gets done

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