Making ‘MoPho’s’ (motion p


Making ‘MoPho’s’ (motion photographs) is fairly easy using Photoshop and layers (though I believe you could do it in Paint Shop Pro.) Trick is if you have After Effects you can pull the layers in as a composition and go to town moving your elements around. I think you can do it in Premiere CS3 and later too. In FCE? I’m not too sure. FCE is a barebones NLE and though I guess you could bring in each layer as a separate video track element, that would be a monster PIA!

As for what resolution your photos should be, convert them to the size of the format you are editing on. Having them in super-high resolution is of no real advantage unless the format you’re editing in can handle it. So if you’re converting photos for use in video you change them to pixels (not dpi!) meaning;


DV = 720 x 480

HDV/HD = 1220 x 720, 1920 x 1080


DV = 720 x 576

HDV/HD = 1220 x 720, 1920 x 1080

Shoot your images in hires jpeg. When you get them into your computer for photo processing, do your color corrections and then convert them to one of the formats above which your camera works with. You’ll need to drop down the dpi (dots per inch) to 72 which will make the photo much easier to work with. Because you shot the image at hires, there will be enough info left after conversion the photo won’t break up when you do closeups or put it up on a large screen or projection. The catch is, you’re going to need a program like phoshop, paint shop, and probably AFX, Boris FX or Apple Motion to make it look like ‘Kenny’s’.

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