Makes sense, and I do not


Makes sense, and I do not condemn you for wanting to repurpose that segment to showcase you in a personal reel. It has been my experience when working with clients with similar needs that they’ve all, not one exception, been able to go back to the source (whomever/wherever) and get not only clearance to use footage for such purposes, but (for a price) have been able to acquire the portion or ALL of the production in a format they can use without needing to get around copy protection.

I’m almost certain the “distortion” you’re seeing is a direct result of whatever copy protection (MacroVision probably) has been incorporated into your source. It is possible a TBC (time base corrector) and/or certainly someone more sophisticated than me in combating such issues, with the knowledge of technology necessary to overcome videotape copy protection and the resulting signal distortion could FIX this for you … again at a price and potential delays I won’t even begin to imagine.

Seeking/gaining permission and access to a useable video source is probably cheaper and quicker in the long run, and will also address the desire for as high a quality as possible source to utilize.

I NEVER achieved a level of sophistication, or the equipment, necessary to bypass copy protection, urging my clients to achieve this through a more direct path with the original source. HOWEVER, I also realize that in many instances that source, or even the entity, is no longer available for whatever bounty of reasons.

THAT being the case, if this video segment is THAT important and crucial I would suggest that if you cannot “discover” a way to break the protection, clean up the playback or correct the issue, then (if it were me and I HAD TO HAVE IT having tried all else) I’d likely take a step down in quality and re-record directly from a monitor (screen flicker, refresh rate, or whatever will need to be accounted for), acquiring via ANY MEANS POSSIBLE a clean playback that I could then work with to enhance or adjust in post to bring it up to the best quality possible via software manipulation.

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