Magix Movie Edit Pro 10 E


Magix Movie Edit Pro 10 E Version, is by far absolutely inferior, in my opinion. Once I started to make high quality (not hi def) it started to give me different types of memory errors and I could not fix it. If I tried to do anything slightly intense, from then on, it would crash. Therefore, it was a progressive , not immediate problem. I tried uninstall/reinstall, regedit and repair utilities.. you name it I probably did it. Unfortunately Magix tech support couldn’t figure it out either.

So, I upgraded to Version 11 Boxed.

I had to clean the registry up from the old version and also download the patch for it from

Wow, its awesome. I can actually go way over 720X480 resolution to the maximum 1920X1020 in the down mix before I burn the DVD . Alhtough it burns back down to 720 it is much fuller picture than if I down mixed using a compressed format. The effect is a much fuller interlace then if I just down mixed at 720X. Yes, it still ends up as 720X resolution but its a better 720X.

Therefore, before I burn , I chose to export using the "AVI with no compression" and set the resolution up before I run it. I can only do this with a short video under 10 minutes because the file size ratio in this format is 10 G per minute and I only have 60g free on my hard drive after virtual memory.

However, I am so amazed that this can be done on my old 1.8 G P4 pc with 512 PC 133 ram and with no crashes.


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