Madame Chick, I caught the


Madame Chick,

I caught the vid last week. It was amazing to see every excuse I’ve heard so graphically portrayed. This is a strange biz in which we provide a hideously valuable service (no commercials, movies, tv shows, training videos, support for video games, sports coverage, news and on and on… and the world suddenly gets real boring) yet clients are so quick to dismiss the hardwork needed as too expensive. Why clients think after the proposal is accepted and the contracts are signed that there is still room for ‘negotiation’?

If I had a buck for everytime I’ve seen the look on a client’s face after I show them a budget proposal for their ‘Blue Sky’ idea vs. the ‘Real World’ proposal I could bailout GM! It’s also amazing how potential clients get bent when they find out how much professional production work costs. Yet, they have no problem paying their accountant $90+ an hour or their lawyer $200+ an hour and so on.

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