macsrule10 Wrote:dont buy


macsrule10 Wrote:

dont buy the gl2 they stink unless u plan on getting a firestone 2 go with it the tape deck is bad

I don’t think you need to blast the camera that bad. You need to keep in perspective that at one time the GL2 was a very popular camera and that there were a lot of them sold out there. Maybe even more than others but I’m not going to debate that because I think Sony is slowly passing them up. At the time, the reason this camera was so popular was because it had a lot of great features and the price was right for a 3 chip camera.

Yes there is a known issue regarding the cassette decks and yes you see a lot of complaints but maybe the reason you see so many complaints is because that’s how many cameras are out there. To be perfectly honest with you, any camera can fail at any given time. Video cameras are very complicated and sometimes things just happen.


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