MachVI sez: “I was hoping


MachVI sez:

I was hoping someone would say something like “just buy this $15 attenuator cord from XXX and you’ll be just fine.” No such luck?

If you know which end of a hot soldering iron to pick up, the price of your solution is considerably less than $ 15/channel. You have “unbalanced ” inputs on your camcorder, I assume, since the mic input is stereo on a mini TRS ( tip-ring-shield ) connector. I will also assume that the output connectorsof your mixer are unbalanced, each having a ” hot ” wire ( coaxial core or 1/4″ plug ” tip “), surrounded by a shield ( “commond “or ground ). You need to connect a resister in series with each ofthe left and right” hot “leads ( between the mixer and the camera ), and a ” shunt “resister from the junction of each ofthe series resisters ( on the camera side ) to the common ( or shield ) which is continuous from the mixer to the camera. It is the ratio of the resister values in each leg ( left or right channel) which will determine the amount of attenuation you wind up with. For starters, I would begin with a 100K ohm series resister, and a 10K ohm shunt resister. If this ratioprovides too much attenuation, decrease the value of the series resister. If not enough attenuation, increase the value of the series resister. This should fit into something about the size of a small metal Band-Aid box.Radio Shack could be your friend for what should be readily available and inexpensive components. A friend who is an electronics tinkerer or ham radio type could also be valuable.

Rick Crampton

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