Mac vs PC. Hmm that’s to


Mac vs PC. Hmm that’s toughy.

I was raised on PCs. When it comes to basic computing, That is what I use.
When it comes to Video editing, I started out on a PC bt found that no matter what NLE I used, the system eventually crashed, hung, slowed down, or had some quark that became to unbarable.

When I decided to spend the money and get a full blown Editing system, I finally decided on a MAC, I did not have the time to be dealing with system shutdown and restarts. Having to reinstall and backup everything while I was on a deadline.

I used Final Cut Pro and it has served me well. I still use the PC for my regular tasks such as webpage design word processing and any other tasks related to video. But when it comes to the editing side, DVD building, After effects… It is all on the MAC which is my devoted computer for it.

I have had it for nearly 8 months and the system has never hung, lagged, or crashed. It is great!

Now keep in mind, when I said I decided to spend the money, I wasn’t kidding. My MAC cost me about $4500. SOme serious dough for some serious stability. So if you’re willing to spend the money, I would go with MAC for your editing.

Just my 2 cents

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