M-323by the two bars I mea



by the two bars I meant the encoding bar and the overall progress bar – are you using 2.0?

Hummm… that explains the extra bars. I’m not sure why they have two but there must be a reason.

No I’m still using 1.5. Just haven’t felt like upgrading yet.

I guess the point still remains that your 2-1/2 hours for encoding a 1-1/2 hour movie to 30% isn’t that out of line when using a VBR setting. That seems about right IMO.

I realize that you feel that your PC should do this faster because it has a duel core CPU but I guess I was under the impression that duel core chips were designed to shine or show there stuff when multi-tasking. Maybe someone can fill me in on this. πŸ˜•

In other words if you are encoding you would be tying up one core only and the other would be available for you to maybe run something else on your PC and not have either application suffer any loss of processing power and speed. I could be completely off on this. I do know that having a duel core setup is not as fast as a duel CPU chip setup with their own bus architecture and all.

BTW: I don’t think I have ever read about any normal home style PC being able to transcode 1:1. Maybe a super computer like at IL&M. I think those things have pipes hanging out the side and have to use radiators to keep them cool. X-D


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