M-323 anyway, I started th



anyway, I started the process at 1730hrs. Its now 2000hrs. The encoding process bar shows 50% complete however the over all progress bar under it is somewhat less, maybe 30%.


I’m sort of confused on what you’re actually doing but if you were encoding using the VBR 2-pass method, it could be that when you looked at your progress bar that you were on the actual 2nd pass. I’m kind of loss with the 2 different bars you’re talking about.

Forgive me only because I don’t know how much you know about encoding but remember that if you are using 2-passes, it takes twice as long as a single pass. All the first pass does is examines the entire movie and takes notes as to what compressions settings it will need where. Then it will come back and start all over again only this time it will actually physically do the encoding using the information it obtained from the pass before. This is why a VBR movie can be compress more yet maintaining a high quality picture. A single CBR pass will compress the whole movie using the pre-set bitrate you gave it but it will not compress the movie as small as the 2-pass VBR method but the quality should still be good as long as you don’t go to low with your pre-set bitrate setting.

I only have a single chip AMD and I want to say that for an 1-1/2 movie @ 2-passes, I’m thinking that it took like 6 hours give or take. I usually just let it go over night.

On a side note that 1-1/2 movie encoded using a 2-pass VBR should fit on a regular size DVD. Also, keep in mind is that DL DVD disks aren’t really liked by a lot of set-top DVD players out there.


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