M-323 Wrote:"Logic Er


M-323 Wrote:

"Logic Error, Index Out of Range"

Well I can honestly say that I never have seen that error before. Maybe someone else has and can help.

You have updated to service patch 2 and have the latest Direct X drivers for XP right? Windows Media Player is up to version 10 as well. What about your graphic drivers?

You know you could try using Movie Maker with a video and then export and AVI from that and then try bringing that in to MyDVD. That would maybe rule out that other NLE youre using. I have used MyDVD and I have never had a problem with it.

As far as a recommendation for an ext HD, a buddy of mine that also does video is using a LaCie 250GB drive. He interfaces it with a USB 2.0 which surprisingly works with video. I would rather use an IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) interface which is better but he said his USB 2.0 interface works. This drive spins at 7200 which is fast enough for video. To avoid dropped frames you always need at least 7200 rpm drives or faster. This drive runs about $130.00 but does come in with different capacities.

Just for the heck of it, what are your PC specs and how old is it? Make sure you list processor type and speed and RAM amount.


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