LYMster Wrote:Hey there…


LYMster Wrote:

Hey there…

thats a great list… just thought i add in a site that helped me with the music…

Its at http://www.OPUZZ.COM they have a great selection of loops and even entire cd collections, all with previews b4 buy.

Good quality with the tracks are well composed.


OK – I checked them out. Do you work there?

I thought the music sounded "off" (looking for a better word but that’s all I could come up with). I only listened to about a dozen selections in five categories but it just didn’t sound right to me. For example, the 1812 Overture in the classical group had lousy percussion, at places where you expect hear cannons you don’t even hear a timpani – stuff like that.

I think you’re better off with SonicFire Pro, Cinescore or any of the Digital Juice StackTraxx collection.

Just my opinion – your mileage may vary.
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