Luke – There is a lot of a


Luke –

There is a lot of audio noise in several segments (like where Frances Castenada is speaking). Take a look at Audacity (free) – Their Noise Reduction filter would be very helpful here. Along the same lines, NewBlueFX’s Audio Scrubbers collection ($60) is also very useful and relatively cheap.

Pan/Zoom – I know you said it was before may lessons learned, but it bears repeating – For most of your video clips, set the frame and leave it be. Panning & zooming can be done (better yet would be truck & dolly shots) but need to be used judiciously and need to be smooth and add to the story (NOT talking about Ken Burns effect here, but pans/zooms on video).

Titles/text were better but you should think about them more and experiment (I have some examples of titles I did to show one client here:, however, I have done much better since doing that vid and still continue to experiment – Newest toy is NewBlueFX’s Pro Titler). End title was good but would be better (IMHO) scrolled. The text @3:00 – 3:30 was word for word what was being said in audio – Much better would to have bullet points appear on the screen to go along with the narrative.

There were other issues but these were the biggies to me – I’d like to see some of your recent work where you use what you have learned.

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