Luke, that looks pretty da


Luke, that looks pretty darn good. I would check your tripod, looks a bit off level. and a small reflector to use some of that back light as a bit more fill on her face. also, watch your headroom, you have a bit too much and she is “sitting in a hole.” I know that can be an issue that is difficult to correct, many camcorder LCD screens underscan so you think you are framed correctly but get into the edit bay and you see things in the frame that were not visible in the viewfinder. I think many of them still handle video like it was on analog monitors with safe zones and losing the edges, now with web video and Flat screen tv that doesn’t really apply anymore.

As for what Luis said,,,, you’re actually NOT in mono, your in stereo but only have audio on one channel. If your editor allows you, switch the track to mono,(which will put the same audio out on both left and right channels) alternatively you can duplicate the one track and paste it on the other channel so you have the same sound coming from both sides. πŸ˜‰

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