@Luke, thank you for your


@Luke, thank you for your kind words. You are an example of how people travel a different path in life and therefor end up with a different view of matters.

@Bruce, Bruce your student speaks volumes for you. This is a field that you have taught in long enough to know how to be a very good teacher.

The experiences one has in life and the memories one recalls is what makes up our personalities as we are not born with who we are, we become who we are by our journey in life. My journey took me into the very darkest undercurrents of mankind, and I have lived in the belly of the beast, therefor some of the approaches that “normal” people use are very strange to me, but as with life and our personalities they are always adapting and changing, and I will now adjust my viewpoint and open my understanding to the teaching method of “using ones own work as an example to teach.” Thanks Bruce.

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