Luke – others have given y


Luke – others have given you good advice about sound, lighting and your editing suite. I would add another basic – support for smoothly moving shots. Smooth, non-shaky images are essential for watchable video. Make sure to invest in eitherquality sticksand a dolly, a Steadicam-like stabilizer, or, at least, some sort of shoulder rig.

On wireless mics – I’ll let WSanford answer for himself, but I use the Azden VHF WMS-PRO. If you’re going to shoot at longer ranges than 50′-100′, you’ll need a UHF wireless, which is much more expensive.

One more thing – if you plan to use talent (or even yourself) in front of the camera, do yourself a favor and get them an iPadteleprompter or invisible in-earautoprompter.

For lights, I recommend 3 softboxes and a black/white/green backdrop. You can get a decent kit for a couple of hundred bucks. If that’s too expensive, get 2 umbrellas, a backlight and the backdrops for $140.

Good luck!


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