Luis, Yup that’s straight



Yup that’s straight ‘Guerrilla’ brother! One way to cut down on heat on set is to use Compact Flash Bulbs instead of Halogens and Flood lights. CF Bulbs come in comparable wattages of 100, 150 and 300. You’ll have to double to quadruple up on bulbs to achieve a certain wattage level (i.e. 600w = 6 100w, 4 150w or 2 300w) but, they’re much cheaper and don’t kick out anywhere near the heat. You can also get them in Daylight and Indoor (Tungsten equivalent).

Be advised CF bulbs are ‘off color temperature’ from traditional bulbs. Indoor bulbs rate at around 2700K and Daylights rate at 6500K so make sure to do a good manual white balance and adjust your exposures accordingly.

Halogens are best used outdoors for shooting. Indoors they do present a potential fire risk.

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