Luis, this is not an indic


Luis, this is not an indictment against humankind but I gotta say that in this day and age the idea of “whatever it takes” applies to most people who are assessing their honesty and sense of ethics. Sadly, in marketing, content is not always king – regarding what’s on a viral video. Or for that matter, HOW it became viral. It is true that with the numbers of uploads on the several video sharing sites on the internet, it is impossible to think that anything I do (see below) is going to work “out of the box” – I WILL have to utilize strategies to get people “out there” to help make my video(s) viral enough to be effective in my marketing program.

I’ve no qualms about stretching it a bit in certain instances: for example I’m going to develop a series of humorous “stories” narrated by a character actor – short and funny (I hope) short videos to feature on YouTube and Vimeo, etc. in an attempt to drive traffic to the more realistic concept of stories as applies to my Video StoryTellers!? concept. The promo clips will end with two statements and the VST web site: “REAL stories! REAL people!” and the URL.

Is this misleading per se? No. It does, perhaps, imply that people HAVE to have a really GREAT, FUNNY or entertaining story in order for their storytelling experience to be any good, or appreciated. On the other hand it will drive people to the site (I hope) with a desire to see and hear other/any stories and perhaps decide to preserve and even share a few of their own.

Your concept for a VST promo – is that misleading even if the billboard isn’t real? No. So in some cases videos can be more than they really are without stretching the boundaries of ethicality or honesty.

But you are right in your assessment of the link regarding the tactics used and interesting comments. A good read to assess and evaluate our own approaches to what we do in our individual and collective businesses.

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