LP vs SP on a miniDV shouldn


LP vs SP on a miniDV shouldn't matter for focus. The tape records the same digital signal either way. The problem with LP is that if there are any tape flaws you'll get digital hits in your video and possibly dropped frames.


As I know you know, the GL2 is SD. But remember, although it's a three chip, the chips are small 1/4" and 10-ish year old technology.


I'm not able to watch your video on this computer so I'm just going to take a stab at this. My apologies if I'm telling you something you already know.


Maximize your shutter speed first. (Maybe 1/60 at 30fps. Only shoot 1/30 if the action is slow to non-existent to avoid motion blur. 1/15 just looks horrible to me like bad webcam.) Then open your aperature as far as you can or until you've got good exposure. With these small chips you're not likely to have too small a depth of field. Make sure the video is in focus. I know this sounds elementary but you never know…


Slow shutter and wide aperature will allow you to shoot the lowest gain possible to avoid extra video noise. If you have the option, turn off the auto gain feature and adjust manually.


In post, optimize the contrast. This will help give the appeance of better resolution/focus. Play with the sharpening to get the right balance between sharpness and not introducing additional artifacts.


The viewfinder resolution is only 180k and it may look more in focus than it really is. The LCD screen's 200k resolution and might also give you a false sense of clarity.


The worst case scenario here is you may have something wrong with your camera either optically or (less likely) digitally.

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