Loud hum, plus camera ligh


Loud hum, plus camera light you can’t turn off — So why have you not returned this to the dealer? The one’s I work with will accept returns for a full refund in this short amount of time. In any event, you should be able to get a replacement if the dealer is reputable.

Are you saying that the hum is loud enough to irritate your neighbors in a theater, but not loud enough to be recorded on the tape. I suspect that if you ever recorded in a quiet environment, that you would have a nice little hum on your tape that would irritate you too.

I’m a fan of Sony’s D8 camcorders. Mine are a few years old. I’ve noticed that in recent models, the CCD has been reduced from 1/4 to 1/6th of an inch, but still with 290,000 “effective” pixels. I assume that the visual quality has been at least maintained.

I’ve used a ton of the tape that you mention. Just within the last 48 hours, I had the experience (out of desperation) of improvising a setup where I manually edited from mini DV originals to this brand of D8/Hi8 tape (i.e., going tape to tape, using firewire between a mini DV camcorder and a D8 VCR), due to a host of equipment “issues.” The edited master on D8 was equal to the quality of the originals on mini DV, with zero mosaic effects. Met my deadline to the client. Saved again by D8! I only wish Sony would put some effort into delivering a really high end D8 camcorder to the marketplace.

Good luck!


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