Lots of information there,


Lots of information there, thanks..need to digest it slowly.

Right now i’m trying to capture it using FCP but there are option that i don’t quite know such as ApplePro Res 422, uncompressed 10-bit PAL, DV-PAL..etc. Since i’m living in a PAL country so the right option is DV-PAL?

Let me state my situation. I want to capture all of my footage in a highest/raw/how it was originally captured quality since i’m going to edit it back in Premier (not too expert i must say). The reason why i’m capturing using FCP is because my pc doesn’t have the FireWire port so i have to borrow my friend mac and use FCP (iMovie was just my 1st attempt in capturing)

Anyone who has ever using FCP,let say you’re using XL1 and going to capture it to a mac using FCP, what are the best option you will use in achieving the most original capture footage because i need the detail. Now, i think the best setting would be just DV-PAL or perhaps the Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2? Is it correct?

Sorry because maybe i’m asking too much and maybe some of it sounds stupid. i could choose the normal “send it to a tape convert shop” option but then i’ll never learn anything right? This is my first time working on a video so need to learn as much as i could. Thanks in advance for all.

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