Lots of good information h


Lots of good information here. I thought I would add my experience in a similar situation. On one occasion I was told that I could only have one camera for a wedding and it had to be unmanned and in an inconspicuous location. This was at one of the oldest, most traditional and most photogenic churches in town. They were so organized in their restrictions that they had a pre-printed sheet of instructions for videographers that listed 3 possible unmanned camcorder locations. All of their locations were terrible. After talking with the officiate, I learned of many horror stories that they had experienced with people shooting video during the services. They even had one "professional" show up in cut-offs and a t-shirt. After a long conversation, I managed to convince them that I was there to document and capture the service without distracting or detracting in any manner. They wound up trusting me and I shot the wedding with 3 cameras. Only 1 was unmanned. Communications is key.

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