Looks like the talent is much


Looks like the talent is much too close to the green screen; you’re getting bounce green from the screen. Two thoughts come to mind: can you move the camera outside the room, shooting through the door? This would all you go move the talent a few feet further away from the screen.
If that isn’t possible, can you place the screen across the corner of the room, so that you’re shooting on the room’s diagonal? Again, this looks like it will all for a bit more separation.

Barring either of these “fixes,” perhaps you can find a different space in which to shoot. I’d try to get the talent at least 10 to 12 feet away from the green screen if possible.

You might also try making multiple passes in trying to key out the green. The green hue on the edges of the talent is slightly different from the green on the screen and often multiple key passes will help.

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