looking at the photos, my


looking at the photos, my advice is this: get up there and find out for sure what type of florecents they have. get a set of lights with the same color balance.
positioning your subjects between the overhead lights, (ie one in front of and one behind the subject)will eliminate the need for seperate hairlights. (hairlights should be equall to your main lights. to start). I’d get two lightstands, and bolt two single or double tube florecents directly to the stands and use them for fill. your fill lights should be about half as bright as your main lights. rent a digital projector or two, and create some black & white (or colored if you prefer) "mottled" slides to project onto your backdrop. (personally, I’d set my camera up to work the angles and use the mirrors to show off the models nicely formed figures from both the front And rear at the same time and to hell with muslins…..just light and camera angles will work).
set your white balance and you’re good to go.

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